Wagas…give me a break!

by Alex Duncan  |  November 20, 2009 – 1:53 pm


For those not in Shanghai Wagas is a trendy cafe cum sandwich bar and a good one at that…or at least it tries to be. This morning I was just sat in Wagas on Wujiang lu (my fave) waiting for a friend, sadly this was not to be a happy experience! Sadly there doesn’t seem to be the profit margin on a 45元 sandwich to actually come to the table to take my order so I have to traipse up to the counter. Annoying and from my reckoning detracts far more from the brand & quality than it saves them in operational costs. What particularly ruined today was the bacon & scrambled eggs on toast which arrived first without the bacon and when it finally came was cold. Come on Wagas sort it out!

Another place guilty of going so far, but not quite making it is Element Fresh. I’ll prefix this by saying with 20,000 points on my Friend’s card I’m a pretty loyal customer, but every time I eat in their restaurants there is one teeny tiny little thing that pi**es me off. In the UK it is customary to wait for everyone to finish eating before clearing the plates. Element fresh is so well staffed that half a second after the last bite of my meal enters my mouth my plate has been whipped away and is presumably being cleaned only to be presented to an adjacent table minutes later. This may sound like a ridiculously small thing to get upset about, but for me it’s an example of what separates the good from the best.

Yes, I’m nitpicking, but every time these things happen it grates and if I’m paying 45元 or more for a sandwich I feel like I’m allowed to nitpick. Rant over.