Unlikely Inspiration?! Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

by Alex Duncan  |  May 4, 2010 – 2:32 pm


Jamie Oliver's Food RevolutionOn his show This Week in Startups Jason Calacanis is often prescribing doses of Gladiator or Black Hawk Down to entrepreneurs who he doesn’t feel have enough passion/agression. These two films, where the underdog rises up against the man, are perfect, even the most feeble and recalcitrent entrepreneur cannot fail to be stirred into action. Recently however I have found similar motivation and inspiration from a possibly less likely champion, Jamie Oliver.

Jamie’s recent series following his ‘Food Revolution’ was nothing short of inspirational. After every episode I watched I felt compelled to get off my backside and throw everything I had at my endeavours. The way Jamie battled against people who didn’t want him there and won over even his staunchest opponents was incredible to watch. It was at times hard to remember that what Jamie was fighting people to achieve was in fact in thier own best interests to do.

I challenge every man, woman and child to watch these programs and not be inspired by what Jamie is trying to do. Though his and my worlds in some respects cannot be more different the challenges we face require the same extraordinary level of dedication to overcome.

Jamie Oliver is a man who walks through walls, I want to be so too. Go watch his show on Hulu now…

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