The Curious Parallels between Consultancy and an Inspector Calls

by Alex Duncan  |  March 27, 2009 – 2:45 am


An Inspector CallsWe had a rather marvelous lady called Rosie come to visit us at Virtual Village last week. Having worked in online marketing since it’s inception in the mid 90′s she had a huge wealth of knowledge and experience and gave us a great deal of help getting to grips with our marketing tactics. We’d been floundering around for a good long while, but now have a clear direction and consensus so things look good for making some progress at last.

Early on in Rosie’s time with us I was struck by the interesting parallels between her role and that of Inspector Goole in J. B. Preistley’s play. No murder was uncovered but the progress made was as much about our understanding of ourselves and our situation as it was about any kind of new understanding of or brilliant ideas. The role of a good consultant must always be to help the company they are working with to make progress even if it is not their specific area of expertise they are necessarily lacking. Being relative babies in digital marketing we all learned something of course, but I think in the coming weeks the most progress will be made in our understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of own team.

It’s now out in the cold light of day that I am an ideas man and not a finisher…so pressure is on!