New Blog…Boom Boom!

by Alex Duncan  |  February 9, 2010 – 10:35 am


This blog refresh has been quite literally months in the making, but eventually after hours and hours of agonising over pixels and code I finally got it live!

One of the hardest things I think I’ve had to deal with in my life so far is that I am an ideas guy and not a finisher. It has at times been debilitating, but I’m finally starting to get on top of it. This blog is a prime example of how painful it can be. In the past 18 months I must have created a dozen new designs for it, half written twice as many blog posts and yet none of it ever saw the light of day, because I just couldn’t get myself to finish anything.

Then last week something flipped in my brain. I became once again angry and depressed at my seeming inability to get anything finished. At almost two in the morning this came to a head and I turned all of that energy and aggression on my blog. So here we are 5 days and very little sleep later it’s finished…sort of. There is an endless list of things I want to do to it, but for now at least it’s online and I’m back sharing my thoughts and experiences with the world again!