Arrived in Shanghai

by Alex Duncan  |  September 4, 2007 – 3:32 pm


Shanghai MaglevPhew!

After an 11 hour flight (I slept for 9) I arrived safely in Shanghai. One of my first trips once stepping off the plane was the Maglev from the airport to central Shanghai. It was an exciting but short lived experience watching the speedometer climb up to 460kmph. As I stepped out of the metro into the streets of Shanghai for the first time it was raining and I got my first taste of just how hard it will be to communicate until I have a grasp of mandarin. The only thing the taxi driver and I were able to communicate (and disagree on) was the price of the taxi to my hotel. Little blighter clearly thought I hadn’t been conned before!

First Mandarin lesson this morning was hard work, but excellent fun. Now just a flat, visa and job to sort out. More will follow…