Apple Please Don’t Make Me Sad :-(

by Alex Duncan  |  May 27, 2010 – 12:09 pm


Sad MacOh Apple, please don’t make me sad again. I’ve been a loyal fan for many years, long before this new crew of iPod converts joined. I want to love you I really do, but you make it so f**king hard sometimes.

I’m a life long apple fan. My parents bought your computers and then in turn when I went to university I did too and believe me £2000 was a lot for an impoverished university student to spend, but I just had to have a PowerBook G4. After my 17″ MacBook Pro was stolen late last year I was so happy to finally get up and running with my new uni-body MacBook Pro, but it’s been a rocky start and your support website doesn’t even have a category for the problems I’m having let alone any bloody way to contact you. Interesting to note that on iTunes where I have spent exactly £39.50 I recently received very good email support. Anyway sadly my problems are frequent, but intermittent so unless they happen during my visit to your repair centre there is little way to convince you they’re real.

I’ll admit I’m not super nice to my laptops, but then again I never have been and I pay the big bucks to buy the best because I need performance. In the past week though you’ve let me down 3 times, I lost data, wasted time and energy.

I’m a busy entrepreneur trying to make things happen. Steve you must know what that’s like. So tell me Apple what should I do?

Update: Did it again this morning :-(

Update: Recent OS 10.6.4 software update seems to have fixed the problem :-)