Addicted to My Tracks

by Alex Duncan  |  June 20, 2011 – 10:57 am


Just last week I downloaded Google’s My Tracks app for android and I’ve been addicted ever since. Every time I get on my bike to go anywhere in Shanghai I open the app, click record and it tracks my every move giving me great data on my speed, elevation and ride time. My average commute to “work” is 11mins, just yesterday I managed to shave about 30 seconds off that due to some luck traffic lights.

I’ve always been an enthusiastic Shanghai cyclist, many friends introduce me as being “Alex who cycles every where in any weather” or something to that effect. I frequently take quite circuitous routes around the city trying to find ever more efficient routes from A to B, avoid traffic lights and snarl ups. My Tracks lets me evaluate exactly which routes are quickest and just how circuitous they are!

Being a Google 20% project it’s not quite perfect, often the elevation is completely off showing me climbing/falling hundreds of feet in a city that’s almost entirely flat. None the less it’s a very useful and fun app. I recommend anyone who rides, walks or runs to give it a go.

If you’re interested in trying My Tracks you can download it from the Android Market.